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A few days ago I received an email from Sigurjón Ólafsson showing me the new website the had built, I replied to Sigurjón with congratulations and asked if he would share his experiences.

Q:Would you be interested in sharing what some of the challenges you faced with the site, whether they were from a client or a technical point of view. It would be great if you could share your “If I had to do it again I would…..” thoughts as well.

Of course I am willing to share my thoughts with you about the making of our site. I can give you more details later if you wish but here are few things we take from this project.

  • This site was initially launched in Februar 2012, desktop version.
  • We started working on the responsive version later that year, in August.
  • Most of the content on the desktop site was mobile friendly (and had been prepared that way) so we did not have to do any major changes in content for the responsive version
  • Content in tables and calculators have been a challenge
  • The main issue we have been dealing with is presenting a user-friendly navigation. We have done few usability tests and always had some criticism about the navigation. There are few levels of pages in our site. We have managed to improve the UX but we still not fully content.
  • There have also been some performance issues, the site is slow on low-end smarthphones like HTC Wildfie and similar types
  • We have learned that links and content in the footer is critical to the customer success rate in finding information
  • Probably the most important thing we have learned from this project is that you should not build a desktop version first and then do the responsive version afterwards.
  • Programming has taken considerably more hours than in the desktop version
  • Mobile first is the way to go but in late 2011 our timeframe did not allow us to it the other way around. Maybe we were also a little hesitant and know-how was not abundant at that time especially for the programming part.
  • Our web designer has done a very good job I think although this was probably his first responsive web project (otherwise very experienced)
  • Overall we are very satisfied with our site and we are convinced that this was the right step to take. But being a kind of pioneers in building a responsive corporate site (at least we could not find many bank websites to compare with) was a little hard but also very rewarding
  • We don’t dare to think that this project is over, we are just beginning and we have a long list of things to improve still. Lot of it has to with performance.

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  1. adeeb

    Dealt with and am dealing with most of the issues described above.
    Converting from desktop is considerably harder as you have the dilemma of what to keep and how to arrange.
    Would love to see more detailed case studies such as this in the future.

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