Responsive Design Newsletter #90

EF Tours is Responsive!

Happy New Year!  If you’re anything like me today was your first day back at work and it was a bit of a struggle to get through it after a nice long break with the family. Cheer up though because this week I’ve got a bunch of great links to keep you busy on your Friday before a well deserved 2 days off.

This weeks site came through from a tweet before the holidays from one of our readers.  He wrote, “I thought you might be interested in the website that we just launched. We’re doing some neat RESS stuff on the site, and we’re working closely with design, content, video, and systems teams. If you’d like to talk with our front-end architect about workflow, coding standards, collaboration, or anything else, just let me know and I can get you in touch with her.“, and I can tell you that we will be getting in touch to talk workflows and coding standards.



Responsive Images: 2013 Year-End Update

We began compiling a round up of the responsive images situation in November. Back then it was the <picture> element that was being noted and removed while the new src-n solution proposed by Tab Atkins was the flavour of the month. Now only a few weeks later and we’ve done a 180, with <picture> now seeming to be the favourite after both WebKit and Mozilla have put their foot down about src-n and srcset respectively.

Rolling out Responsive BBC News worldwide: what have we learnt so far?

An update from BBC’s roll out of their responsive news site. Interestingly they’re beginning to see some down sides to their quick releases from a mobile first and agile approach with difference sites and page configuration in subsequent releases. They’re refactoring the code now but with more communication they could have avoided these issues.

The best thing about this is there’s a 20% uplift in visitors to the sites.

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Rapid Response 3 performance techniques for Responsive Web Design

An in-depth look at improving your site performance. There’s a few screen shots of SpeedCurve which gives some insights into how your site is performing against your competition (more about that soon).

What’s Ahead in 2014 for Responsive Web Design?

Zurb are calling for 2014 to be the year for smarter responsive design. Now that we’ve had a few years implementing the technique it’s time to step it up.

Responsive iFrames

The team at the BBC uncover why sometimes it’s alright to use iFrames, even when you really really don’t want to.

Responsive vs. Adaptive Websites: Six Questions To Ask

First, I apologise for the popup on this site asking for a subscription, but the questions are worth hitting the x in the top right corner to close it. This is an example of the questions you should be asking to see if a responsive site really is the answer

REMs, Fallbacks and Support

A great post from Stu, but I sometimes like the ability to change a section size based on a particular media query, so although there’s more math with inheritance when using ems I still like their approach.



Sync your media queries across your CSS, JS and markup with this simple JS plugin.

That’s all for this week, and I’m expecting a rush of blog posts now that all the 2013 retrospectives are done and dusted (although I’m still working on mine). Oh wait, I nearly forgot. We’ve had a few milestones today with Noah weighing in at a healthy 8.1kg (in the 97th percentile… chubby baby) and our subscribers ticking over past 18k.  A big thank you for helping this newsletter be a success.

If you’ve done anything cool over the holidays please hit reply and send me through a link. Until next week, happy 2014!!!

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