Responsive Design Weekly #76

justin and noah

Hello and welcome to our most special responsive week to date.

This week I have the pleasure of introducing you to the newest member of our family, Noah Charles Avery.  Our little man arrived Saturday 21st September and both Mum and he are doing amazing.

The rest of this weeks email is a little ‘canned’ as it was prepared before hand in anticipation of the onset of parenthood. Fear not though, it’s still full of fresh content that you’ve not seen before. Before we get started a big thank you for everyones emails and tweets congratulating us, they were great to receive.

This week is an excerpt from the Responsive Interview Ebook introduction, I hope you enjoy!
Responsive design is huge. It was not the fad that many non-believers said it would be. It is still very much around and, like the arrival of CSS many years ago, responsive design is becoming the standard practice for web sites.

Alright I’ll admit it, I’m kind of biased.

I bought Ethan Marcotte’s A Book Apart “Responsive Web Design” on the release day and by the following day I had refactored my own site to be responsive. In the process I began to amass a series of articles, tutorials and tools that I used to better understand the different approaches and implementation techniques to achieve responsive design, and thus Responsive Design Weekly was born.

With 2012 dubbed the year of Responsive Design you might be wondering what will come in 2013.

Focus on performance

“Performance all the way. Right now 86% of responsive sites send down the same payload to small screens as they do to large screens.”

~ Brad Frost

Performance has always been one of the most important parts of building websites however with the increase in high speed internet connections we have become lazy. Web sites today average over 1MB and based on the recent trends this could reach 2MB by early 2014.

With the arrival of responsive design we have a technique to alter the layout of the site to better suite a mobile device, however we’re still shoving the same amount of data regardless of the viewport, and a lot of implementations are sending the same load down for the mobile version as the desktop version.

13 of the 16 people interviewed specifically called for performance to be one of the main focuses of web design in 2013. They also cited the 2012 dConstruct site as a great example of a mobile first approach and en- couraged the next wave of responsive sites to take a mobile first and performance orientated approach.

Performance Links

There are many tools to help you with performance. A few key tools to keep in your arsenal include:

Blog more

“I’d love to see front end designers and developers blogging more about problems they faced and how they solved them.”
~ Dave Rupert

“Write about the work you are doing – on your blog or for magazines. I would encourage people to talk more about where responsive design hasn’t worked too, as much as sharing new approaches.” 

~ Paul Robert Lloyd

Our industry is the fastest moving industry in history thanks to the fact that it is inherently open source (thank you view-source). We are able to peek into front-end implementations and reuse those techniques on our own projects, but that only gives us a partial understanding of the implementation. We don’t understand the decision around why that function was included in the first place, did they consider other options, other locations, different implementations, why didn’t those work and what made this the best decision? It’s like knowing the meaning of life, the universe and everything is 42 but not knowing why.

The interviewees called for web designers/developers, content strate- gists, UX & UI designers, information managers, creative directors… everyone in the community that might be involved in website project to blog about their experiences.

Blog about the problems that you are having, and better yet blog how you approached the problems, identified possible solutions and decided on one in particular, and then write about how it went and what you would do differently the next time.

Blogging Links

The call to blog more has already been heeded by some of your peers. Some of the more impressive articles you should read include:

If you liked the first part of the introduction you can learn more now by picking up a copy of the ebook for yourself, at $3.99 it’s a steal.

That’s all for our paternity leave week. Next week will be much of the same before we resume normal services.

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