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Responsive Design Weekly #66

Welcome to another week of responsive goodness!  This week we’ve seen the recall of CSS Zen Garden with some new designs (our feature image this week) as well as an interesting overview of the flexbox method. I have to be brief this week because I’m at the Mozilla offices waiting to see 12 Devs of Summer

Responsive Design Weekly #60

Hey there and welcome to another edition of responsive design weekly.  This week we’ve got some amazing news! But first the introduction: Today we feature some great articles.  One of them is about taking responsive design the next step and providing contextual/responsive information to the user, for example based on the time of day. People […]

Responsive Design Weekly #53

Hey everyone, welcome to edition 53 of Responsive Design Weekly. This week we have a few new announcements before we get into this weeks responsive links.  Firstly I’m very happy to announce our new sponsor!!! BD Conferences are running a conference around moving beyond the desktop and towards mobile. Secondly I wanted to let all […]

Responsive Interview with Stu Robson & Jordan Moore

Welcome to week four of the responsive design interview series. Each week we ask our two guests the same four questions about Responsive Design and listen intently with what they have to say. It’s back to the UK this week as we start off off with Stu Robson in England before taking a trip across […]

Responsive Design Weekly #32

Welcome to another week of responsive goodness. This weeks image is something that everyone should be familiar with… and if you’re not you should really head over to the responsive images group and check it out. We are a little bit light on this week due to packing up a house in Australia into boxes and shipping […]

Responsive Design Weekly #29

This week I was listening to my weekly dose of the shop talk show with special guest Laura Kalbag. I love the show and this episode didn’t disappoint, well except for the part at the beginning when they bagged out email newsletters. How rude! I’ve got their measure though because all three of them will be contributing to this very newsletter in our December interview series….