RWD Summit

Responsive Design Weekly #46

Welcome to another edition of responsive design weekly. This week we take a look at the latest developments with responsive images, share a 20% discount for an upcoming conference, take a look into some responsive numbers and as usual cover everything else in the responsive world. A big shout out to everyone attending the Responsive […]

Responsive Layouts with Zoe Gillenwater

Zoe’s Slides (PDF) Books that Zoe has written, because she’s super smart, include Stunning CSS3 and Flexible Web Design Zoe skips over the what and why of RWD and goes straight for the how (we’ve already heard it twice before anyway) Fluid/Liquid layout – they mean the same. Basically it uses percentages. A hybrid layout […]

The News Responsive Web Design Workflow from Trent Walton

Ari Styles introduces the Responsive Web Design Summit. Christopher Schmitt introduces RWD Summit and introduces Trent Walton ERMAHGERD Responsive Web Design. Who is Trent? Works at Paravel Proud father of (soon to be two) Loves Green Chili Cheese burgers Loves animated gifs RWD & Trents History rwd & trent RWD Process RWD Creativity RWD squishiness, […]