Zoe Gillenwater

Responsive Design Weekly #167

Hello. Hello and welcome to this weeks responsive design weekly newsletter where we’ll look at a new responsive book… which is amazing, a lovely new portfolio site produced by Super Friendly (we do a review of the build), and more! I’m writing this on the London Underground heading towards Heathrow Terminal 3. I’m not flying […]

Responsive Design Weekly #28

Hello everyone and welcome to another responsive design weekly newsletter. This week the big news has got to be all about the launch of the responsive TIME website.  It all started with the Boston Globe, then BBC, and now we see the Guardian getting involved.  But what does this mean for us? Directly the launch […]

Responsive Layouts with Zoe Gillenwater

Zoe’s Slides (PDF) Books that Zoe has written, because she’s super smart, include Stunning CSS3 and Flexible Web Design Zoe skips over the what and why of RWD and goes straight for the how (we’ve already heard it twice before anyway) Fluid/Liquid layout – they mean the same. Basically it uses percentages. A hybrid layout […]